Angry Sheep Dice Game

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# of Players: 2- 4
Playing Time : 20 Minutes
Ages : 12 and Up

Welcome to Angry Sheep, a fast paced dice game at home on the family dining table, at the pub, or after hours at your favorite convention.
The basic premise is dice matching - roll the dice, keep your doubles, take your re-rolls, and then act accordingly. Be the first one to collect enough sheep and you've won! Simple, right? Not quite.
You and your neighbors can steal sheep from each other, and your Barbarians occasionally have too much (root beer) to drink and deliver sheep to the wrong pasture. But, worst of all, is the dreaded... Sheep Guevara! If this revolutionary find his way into your flock he'll work to free them until the fight calls him elsewhere!
The game includes:
7 Shepherd Dice (molded, not printed)
1 Black Sheep Die (molded, not printed)
35 Sheep Tokens (injection molded plastic)
1 Black Sheep Token (injection molded plastic)

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