Battle Kittens Board Game

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The Cat King grew restless. His giant ball of golden yarn no longer attracted his attention. The movements of the mechanical mice he used to chase had become far too predictable. His towering royal scratching post was clawed to
shreds. He needed something new to tickle his royal whiskers.

Thus it was a fateful day when the kingdom’s largest fishing ship pulled into Cattail Harbor with a record haul of fresh fish. Such an unexpected bounty, thought the King, seemed the perfect excuse to hold a competition of legendary scale. He quickly sent out word to his most trusted nobles, Thebes the Conqueror, Winston of Yarnsdale, and Merlin the Mischievous, that the haul shall be awarded to whomever in the Kingdom was able to
assemble the greatest litter of legendary feline warriors.

And thus it falls to you, esteemed Cat Herders of the King, to draft and deploy your cutest, strongest, wisest, and most agile kittens to the King’s chosen battlegrounds. The time has come for the fur to fly. Who will emerge with the fanciest feast of all? The outcome is up to you when you
wage war with Battle Kittens!

A fun, fresh twist on a card-drafting game. Players draft Kittens and deploy them into different Battlegrounds to compete to see who can claim the most Fish.


54 Kitten Cards
9 Battleground Cards
4 Attribute Cards
7 King Cards
6 Reference Cards
50 -1pt Fish Counters
15 -5pt Fish Counters

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