Dirty Minds Ultimate Edition Adult Board Game

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For over two decades, the various versions of the Dirty Minds guessing game have entertained millions…..while also proving that the “dirt” in Dirty is all in their minds! Now introducing the Ultimate Edition of Dirty Minds, containing four categories of relatively innocent material that only YOUR mind can make naughty. The Ultimate Edition of Dirty Minds is bound to make any party or get-together memorable for years to come.

The language is clean, the answers are clean…It may be your mind that’s dirty!
Features four new adult categories
For 2-8 players, great for bachelorette parties and game-night gatherings
Features new categories and is played on a 20 x 20 inch game board with 8 pawns, 2 dice and scoring cards
Spell DIRTY to win, and you won’t believe how funny this game gets!

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