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Number of Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 35 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 10+

Exchange is a market trading game of strategy and wit. Players carefully plan their strategy over a series of three phases: Choose a security, decide how much to buy or sell, and how to influence the market.

The only thing harder to predict than the market might just be the players sitting at the table with you. The one who best matches wits with their opponents and earns the most cash will reign. victorious.

We took a game that young adults loved the game play but not necessarily interested in the stock market put a modern twist to make it attractive to the mass market.
The game is designed to delight players who are motivated to play games with a conflict element. With Exchange, the game becomes more tense and dynamic as the game moves through the five rounds. Players never truly know who is going to win as the market always has the potential to bust.

215 Cards
19 Phase Folders
6 Ledger Boards
1 Market Value Board
1 Instruction Booklet
1 Bank Token
1 Bond Token
1 Insurance Token
1 Round Token

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