Meet Your Match Puzzle Game

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A classic Puzzle reinvented- the nine-piece Puzzle has stumped people for decades...But don difficult and his three brothers make it more fun!

Quality pieces- the squared pieces are not only sturdy and eye-catching, but they are also double-sided. The black background side has the nine pieces you must put together. The reverse side contains a mixed bag of insults and 'encouraging' Words from don difficult and his brothers challenging you to complete the Puzzle

Perfect for any home- You can...
(1) buy one for your home, leave it out on your coffee table, and try to solve it with friends and family;
(2) bring it on your next vacation so you're never Bored;
(3) bring one as a gift to your next dinner party;
(4) buy one as a gift for birthday, graduation, or housewarming

Made in America- this puzzle/brainteaser is made in America. And we used recycled paper, board and boxes!

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