Monopoly - Sailor Moon

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Be the Senshi to depend on by choosing from six rose gold-finished tokens, including a Moon Chalice, Deep Aqua Mirror, or Cosmic Heart Compact, to encounter the characters you know and love across a custom game board!
Love and Friendship cards will affect your fate as you buy, sell, and trade towards a Pretty Guardian’s support for the win! "Buying houses by moonlight, winning games by daylight” is destined to become your motto once you own a piece of the magic with Monopoly: Sailor Moon!

Box Contents

Custom Sailor Moon game board
6 collectible tokens
Cosmic Heart Compact
Moon Chalice
Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Garnet Orb
Deep Aqua Mirror
Space Sword
Custom Sailor Moon money
Friendship as Chance cards
Love as Community Chest cards
28 Title deeds
32 Houses
12 Hotels
2 Dice

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