You've Got Crabs Imitation Crab Expansion Kit

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You’ve Got Crabs is a team-based party game focused on passing secret signals to your
teammates without getting caught by the other players. The cards feature original art by The
Oatmeal and a new game design by Elan Lee.

The new Imitation Crab Card acts as a wild card in You’ve Got Crabs. Any player holding the card must also wear two glorious crab claws on their hands. The wild card makes it easier to get four of a kind, but the claws make it impossible to hold the cards. Is the advantage worth the ridicule?

This is the first expansion of you’ve got crabs. It is not a standalone game -- it requires a copy of you’ve got crabs to play
A team-based, family friendly game (requires an even number of players)
-One Imitation Crab wild card
-Two rubber crab claws that players must wear when holding the wild card
Hilarious illustrations by Matthew Inman of the

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